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From potted begonias to user profiles: Visualizing community

What do we see as visual signs of community? In place-based communities, appearances are connected to sense of community. Neighborhoods with clean yards, lit porch lights in the evenings, little trash strewn around public areas, and flower pots displayed by houses have higher sense of community than those that are dirty, unlit, and undecorated. But […]

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Lovely Barcelona & Passionate Community Psychologists

I had a lovely time in Barcelona, where I recently shared some of my research findings on sense of community among gaming and social online communities. The best part was meeting other creative, collaborative, energetic community psychologists. I look forward to the 5th International Conference on Community Psychology in Brazil. And I’m excited to be […]

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Defining Community With Networked Individualism

Traditionally community has been defined broadly as a group of people formed around either a location or social relationships. Even before online communities were added to the mix, there were a multitude of definitions for community. With changing connections come new ideas about community, and I’ve been developing my understanding of community with a twist […]

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