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Introducing Dr. Fremlin

In December I defended my dissertation on Sense of Community in a Mediate World. Now my file is in the hands of the university for proof reading, and hopefully there will be a published version to share some time in the near future. I am also working on an ebook version with my file. It will be a “draft” copy because it has not been proofread, but it will be formatted like a book and easier to read on the screen than typical research papers.

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Why a Gaming Community?

Sense of community and related aspects of social support are a part of a player’s experience in social gaming. Rather than encouraging solitary game play, as was the case with the early digital games, interactive games now offer new ways for individuals to connect.

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Why Sense of Community Research?

Research has found that higher levels of sense of community are related to higher levels of mental health, physical health, and economic prosperity and can impact social justice and change. Sense of community is central to understanding communities and their impact on members.

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