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Online, Offline… Where’s The Line?

Media tools are being harnessed for things we want to accomplish in our local communities and helping those things to happen faster and more efficiently. They are providing new ways to communicate, collaborate, and connect. But some day soon online will just be a part of the everyday offline activities. Something along the lines of how the term horseless carriages faded out of use.

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Presentation: Community Connections in a Mediated World

I’ll be exploring the potential for media-supported community building, both locally and globally, based on results from my original research on sense of community at the IV International Conference of Community Psychology. Here is the summary:

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Community Decline Fears Exist Online Too

Can online communities, with their potentially transient nature, actually support sense of community? This quote embodies the sentiments of community decline that center around lost local connections. The argument is made that true, strong community comes from struggling together–not simply having similar interests. Does the greater choice in leaving an online community prevent it from […]

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