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Lovely Barcelona & Passionate Community Psychologists

I had a lovely time in Barcelona, where I recently shared some of my research findings on sense of community among gaming and social online communities. The best part was meeting other creative, collaborative, energetic community psychologists. I look forward to the 5th International Conference on Community Psychology in Brazil. And I’m excited to be […]

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Do you pin?

I’ve built a short 7-item survey exploring Pinterest–how you use it and who you connect with by pinning.

If you use Pinterest, I hope you will take this short survey! (SURVEY CLOSED)

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Spaces for learning, connection, expression, and collective power

My portion of the seminar, Beyond Virtual: Sense of Community Across Places and Spaces, discusses how sense of community exists beyond the common online/offline dichotomy. I’m very excited to work with Donata Francescato, Stephanie Reich, and Adam Carton on this seminar!

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